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Enterprise Security, Test, Urgent Help

By coffeelives ·
I have to write a test on "Enterprise Security" with an employer. Can anybody please give me some suggestions as to which areas I should focus? My background is in networking and I've completed studying for my CCNA. I have a good background in security, but because it's such a wide field, I need to know what exactly I need to know about 'enterprise security'.

There is no information about platform, e.g. Windows or Unix or the type of network infrastrature, so I don't know which areas to brush up my skills on.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Enterprise Security, Test ...

Well as you have nothing to go on you'll have to stick to generalisations.

So follow the KISS Principal Keep It Simple Stupid and just write out how a network should be setup with a router feeding a gateway and what that gateway controls then what security should be instigated on the internal network. You might even like to mention some Penetration Testing as well.

As you have no details on the software currently in use you can not even suggest any software that should be used so the above is about all you can write down though you may wish to make it a bit more flowery that what I've added here.


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by CG IT In reply to Enterprise Security, Test ...

in addition to HAL might mention layered approach to security. Maybe perimeter firewalling, spam filtering at the perimeter, DMZ zones, LAN firewalling, ...log review schedules, monitoring. no web servers on the LAN, user training about security..

stuff like that....

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