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    Enterprise spy/adware prevention


    by kyleschroeder ·

    Hey…new member of TechRepublic here, seeking input from someone who possibly has already dealt with this. My company is seeing an increasing level of “spyware/adware” installation (i.e. “search” toolbars like Xupiter, HotBar, etc; “ClockSync” andother junk that installs Gator/GAIN adware, etc) via “drive-by downloads”. Does anyone have some good information on how to configure IE to block this sort of stuff? We (deskside support) have been removing it on a case-by-case basis (either manually or with Spybot S&D), but we need to find a reliable way to block it. Part of the problem is that our users typically have a high level of freedom (all are local admins on their Win2K boxes; that won’t change). So, what can we set as far as ActiveX settings to block this stuff? Considering setting the Internet zone to high or higher security, and only add “required” business sites to the Trusted Sites zone…

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      I’d give them two choices.

      by mrafrohead ·

      In reply to Enterprise spy/adware prevention

      First I’d set it in IE to disable downloads.

      You’re right on the money there.

      As for the other half. Get management to agree with this part before you start – and begin to hand out warning. One time is a warning. Second is a suspension, third you’re on your butt out the door.

      The end users NEED to understand that by them doing what they are doing, they are creating a security risk within YOUR network. It’s not theirs.


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        Web Monitoring Software

        by ktm99 ·

        In reply to I’d give them two choices.

        We bought a product called websense not just to take care of this but to monitor lost productivity browsing the net. The software will alow alot of restrictions including stopping all pop up ads which helped with these problems. The software was relatively inexspensive for the return.

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      Using SpyBot S&D to your advantage

      by gothicalan ·

      In reply to Enterprise spy/adware prevention

      You had mentioned that you use SB S&D…it has an immunize feature & a block download feature…put that to work (they are all under the immunize section)…bear in mind that you have to do an on-line update first…then it will immunize & block allspyware

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