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Enterprises don't drive this market

By water-man ·
I'm very surprised to see so many people still believing that enterprise policies would make a difference in the (smart)phone market. Consumerization of C-IT has set in a few years ago and cannot be stopped anymore. The global consumer market size is simply overwhelming the Enterprise market and will dictate the trends. More and more these consumers will demand from their employer the same capabilities as they enjoy at home.

Adding the Enterprise numbers is not going to make a big difference. Adding global numbers might make a difference but not one that is favourable for RIM!!

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"same capabilities as they enjoy at home."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Enterprises don't drive t ...

Same capabilities, sure.

Exact same make and model of equipment? Not necessarily.

The employee's personally owned equipment? Less likely.

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The eco-system is bigger than the enterprise.....

by water-man In reply to "same capabilities as the ...

I don't know how they handle this in the US, but in Europe you see more and more experiments with the "Allowance" model.
It starts with outsourced services or insourced consultants that bring in their own equipment and once you have learned how to integrate and manage that situation, it is a small step to provide the same possibilities to your own staff that have good (business) reasons to work with privately owned and managed devices.
Actually it provides the company increased flexibility. An organisation that can handle "user-managed"devices can also handle mergers and divestments much more easy.

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