Entourage sending old messages for second time

By foodnbrew ·
We have one MAC/Entourage user. Twice is the last 3 months she has reported that emails that she sent months ago are being sent a second time. Right out of the blue several of her contacts are getting email that she may have send a month or two ago.

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Entourage/MAC delayed emails

by zorgster In reply to Entourage sending old mes ...


I have also been asked to look into exactly the same problem...

Emails received several months later... one was sent 16/Feb/2009 - received 19/Mar/2010.. the other sent 27/Oct/2009... every now and again another block of emails are received on the blackberry.

Oliver Slay

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Exchange Blackberry old emails

by zorgster In reply to Entourage/MAC delayed ema ...

I've got a theory now after some deep digging ... that AVG 'Email Scanning for MS Exchange' on our server is using some kind of low priority Antivirus background scanning of emails in each users' mailbox on Exchange... this is possibly scanning through old emails in the inbox and they are then being marked as un-synchronised or BIS is thinking they are unsync'ed...

(Could be another antivirus engine background scanning old emails in the inbox ...)

Since it's working on a low priority thread, it'll stop doing it whenever the Exchange server gets busy, sending emails and receiving emails etc... perhaps the difference between the way that Outlook and Entourage work with Exchange is the difference between Background Scanning being delayed (with many Entourage clients) and working smoothly (with many Outlook clients)...

Still looking into this ..

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