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Entrepreneur Minded

By fhvasco ·
Hey Everyone,

I've read quite a few messages from various forums and I've seen a common thread in them all. A dependence on an employer for your living. I too have fallen into this trap even though our culture emphasizes self-employment.

I've been in IT for a number of years and feel that no matter how much I learn, and excel in my career I am still at the mercy of my employer. So, I have decided to break free and set out on a bold
quest to acquire knowledge and skills to open an online business. Beyond the requirements of finding a suitable product/service to sell, a certain level of technical skills is required in order for it to blossom. I am not interested in paying someone to build a site and manage it when I know I have the technical capabilities to do it myself. I see this as positive in two ways. One, Learn the necessary skills in order to advance my career in IT by specializing in web development/database administration, and two advance my cause of breaking free from corporate America. I know this may sound far fetched, but in order to dream big you need to think big.

So the question I ask to all, what technologies you think is most important to learn when developing a website for commercial purposes. I am by trade a network administrator and already well rounded in the realm of networks, hardware and software configurations, troubleshooting, planning and design. To start the discussion, I have already thought about learning PHP, MYSQL, HTML.

Thanks to all for your much needed input!

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Entrepreneur Minded

by NEES In reply to Entrepreneur Minded

If I were looking to hire someone specializing in web development, I would look for security of information as #1 hand-in-hand with reliability of support.

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What's your business?

by briwlls In reply to Entrepreneur Minded

If you're product is going to be website design and development then by all means you should learn those things and create your site...but if you're going to be selling support or some other type of product then you should focus on what you do.

I personally do computer support, I know how to layout business cards, design a website etc. etc. but I can make more money working and then hiring a company to do my non-core business tasks i.e. a print shop to design and print my business cards, a web design company to design and maintain my website. This leaves me a 100% of my time to improve my business, service and more.

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by fhvasco In reply to What's your business?

Thanks for comments! My business wouldnt be web design or development. It would be selling a product and or service which is yet to be decided. From a purely financial perspective, I would prefer to design/manage the site at least in the beginning and as business lifts off possible hand it over. I do understand your thought process on focusing on the core business.

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"prefer to design/manage the site "

by boxer36 In reply to Business

With this as your main priority, I would agree that you should focus on security issues w/ your projects.

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SMB LoTek path

by bobc511 In reply to "prefer to design/manage ...

Funnily enough, working for a huge software shop has it's advantages, like research. SMB (small & midsize businesses) are hammered by security issues via the net; groin kicked on data storage & integrity issues; losing massive amounts of productivity to network issues - all of which is really great news for you! Pick a industry you identify with or have a contact in; legal, medical, food services, transportation, distribution, etc. Survey local SMB business owners for exactly what their businesses need, then provide it under the MSP or ASP models, maybe a combo of the two. Local business associations, meetings are a good start, or offer up a free seminar on security and collect business cards from whomever shows.

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by tsbarnes In reply to SMB LoTek path

I would focus in learning .net and it's complete framework. Very powerful, even if design is not your focus... deployment and scalability is so amazing. Tons of tutorials, books etc.. out there. I would start with



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