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    Entry-level Job


    by bradwgolden ·

    I have just graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Networking. I do not have any Certifications yet but will acquire as necessary. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a job that does not require any experience in Networking?

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      by cg it ·

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      I’d suggest trying an employment agency.

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      by dbudzak ·

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      The best way is took look for part-time, internships, and contract jobs that are entry
      level or have to do with your field in IT.

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      by j.lupo ·

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      There are several options open to you. The others have already pointed out some, but here are some more

      Employment agency
      Volunteer work
      School Job Office
      Professional Organizations (Networking with people to find jobs)
      Apprenticeship – Yes there are still a few places that do this.

      There are a lot of ways, the best is through volunteer work and networking with people. You just never know when someone who knows someone who knows someone will have a spot.

      The other thing is do some informational interviewing. This is where you gather information about a job or job type that EMPLOYERS want their people to know. What if any Certs/Education? What if any experience? What is exchangable for Education/Experience? Summer Ops, part-time, volunteer, etc.

      Good Luck

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      by kizzane ·

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      Even though you have entry level experience, your education is enough to begin to build your resume. My advice is to begin pursuing a certification (MCP, Network+, or CCNA are good starters) and possibly even note that on your resume to show that you are proactively working toward advancement. The first and foremost tip I can give you is to be humble when searching for this initial job. Keep in mind that you may hold several support “jobs” on your way to your career as a networking engineer. These are typically jobs that ANY number of techrepublic members would tell you horror stories about. None the less, this initial experience, even if it is technical support or an internship will get you on your way to where you want to be. I hope this helps and feel free to contact me.

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      by zlitocook ·

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      I did the same thing along time ago but I got the A+. and look for the head hunters like Teksystems, bradford & gualt, rose int. ect. Contact them and send them your resume, there are a lot of jobs that do not require experence and will give you a foot in the door to better and higher paying jobs. Right out of tech school I was picked up by a head hunter that put me in a job with UPS as a field service tech.
      Most people dont like head hunters but they are the best way to jump in and learn fast.

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