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    EPO 8.0i is crashing Vista


    by mr.sweetchuck ·

    I’m trying to install McAfee ePO 8.0i on Vista Ultimate Edition, but everytime I try it causes Vista to crash and I end up having to reinstall Vista. Is Vista compatable with ePO 8.0i? This is really frustrating and I would very much appreaciate any insight on this problem.

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      by mr.sweetchuck ·

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      Re: McAfee EPO 8.0i is crashing Vista

      by Anonymous ·

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      It seems that your version is not compatable with Windows Vista, so if i were you just stick with what windows has for the time being. I have put a little list from McAfee’s web site for you. I hope this helps you.

      McAfee Compatibility with Windows Vista

      Microsoft Windows Vista is a new operating system for personal computers. Vista is expected to provide more features and protections for PCs.

      McAfee security products will be ?Vista compatible? soon after Microsoft releases this new software to consumers. McAfee upgrades will be made available to active subscribers*. It will complement Vista by providing advanced protection against online threats and hacker attacks.
      *Active subscriber = McAfee users that are registered and have valid subscriptions.

      McAfee recommends not taking any chances with your valuable time, property, precious personal information, reputation and identity. It is important to have the best protection and layered security. McAfee is dedicated to and trusted for providing consumers with the best PC security and ID theft prevention available.

      For more information about McAfee Compatibility with Windows Vista, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.
      How to Obtain Your Free Vista Upgrade

      If you have recently purchased McAfee security in the retail channel, or online, you are eligible to receive a free Vista Upgrade.

      If you plan on acquiring Windows Vista, your recently purchased and activated McAfee subscription will support it once a free upgrade is installed. When Vista is launched you will be able to obtain your McAfee Vista-compatible upgrade one of three ways:

      1. If purchased from retail, you can download the Vista compatible version directly from this website by clicking here. You must have retail CD in the PC?s CD drive before installation starts. Be sure to keep your McAfee product CD that was included in the box. You will need this CD for authentication to add the Vista-compatible upgrade.
      2. If user already has XP installed, it will be downloaded and installed via automatic upgrade. When you upgrade your operating system to Vista, McAfee software will automatically upgrade and work ? seamlessly for you.
      3. If you are already a registered subscriber, you can download from My Account the Vista compatible version once Vista is publicly released.

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