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    Epop Web Conferencing Technology


    by andrewchristiandc ·

    Deat Tech Professionals:

    I’m considering purchasing some units and support from the Epop brand Web-Conferencing Technology.

    I’m curious to know if any of you have used Epop before. Did you have a good experience? Was it easy to install and support? A good value? Did the users like it?


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      Hosted Epop Web Conferencing Technology

      by batipi ·

      In reply to Epop Web Conferencing Technology

      This may be a late reply to your enquiry, however, yes the epop system is very impressive. Most users are very impressed how easy it is to log on to a meeting and activate the features.

      If you would like a demo, or a free trial, we offer a hosted service at

      David Corcoran
      Web Conferencing Consultant

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