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Epson FX980 and WinXP Pro

By karini4 ·
I have just upgraded from win98 to winxp on one of my PC's. There is an Epson FX980 9-pin impact printer direct attached to the PC. When I did the upgrade, it installed the "correct" driver that came with winxp. It seems to work okay except that when I print checks, it misses 2 fields, starting on the second check and every 11th check thereafter. I contacted my software provider for the checks (Exact Macola), and they told me that I should look around for a PS driver for this printer. I have searched the Epson website and cannot find anything. I am also looking at other impact printer manufacturers hoping to find something compatible and can't find anything for Windows XP. Does anyone have any idea of what I should be looking for? I am going around in circles with this.

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by trockii In reply to Epson FX980 and WinXP Pro

have you tried rolling back the driver?

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by karini4 In reply to

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by karini4 In reply to Epson FX980 and WinXP Pro

To Trockii: I don't think there is any driver to roll back to, as this FX980 printer driver was installed with windows XP (I did a clean install). Unless I am misunderstanding something?

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by willcomp In reply to Epson FX980 and WinXP Pro

Epson driver is available at link below:


Also check spooling setting (Advanced tab under Printer Properties) and set to Print Directly to Printer. This may or may not help, but is worth a try.

Question: Is application a Windows app or DOS app?


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by karini4 In reply to

Had already tried new driver from epson web site - did not work

Tried your suggestion about printing directly to the printer - problem still persists

The application we are using is a Windows app.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Epson FX980 and WinXP Pro

that is weird. how many checks on a page. can you get at the check design to playl with top and bottom margins or fonts..what happens if you use Genertic Text Printer driver. do you know for sure what printer driver was being used before. sounds like the fonts don't match somehow but...what person means by rolling back driver is uninstall xp driver, install win98 driver. if that doesn't fix it you got weird hardware problem or somethign. does this printer print other big jobs ok? does this printer emulate any other printers, can you try those drivers.

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