Epson LQ-2170 & 570+

By jaysean1 ·
I've got 2 printers. Both used to work. My operating system is xp. I formatted my pc and now both printers do not print. Both do not even accept the print test page requested. When I put a test page on my 570+, a light that says multi part just blinks and that's all. Is there something wrong with my printer port or my printer. Please help......!!!!

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check your advanced tab for the printers

by TG2 In reply to Epson LQ-2170 & 570+

Check your advanced tab in the printer properties boxes...

You may have to set them to print directly to the printer, or to use a different print processor (maybe you need LF support?)

if XP was an upgrade .. there could have been some files used for them under the previous os, that were there for XP to draw from on the original upgrade... etc..

did you disconnect the printer cable when you were working with the system chassis? could the cable be loose, old, wornout with crimps in it and maybe a bad signal?

If you have any older version of dos that you can boot from, you can try simple port tests like

echo "this is a test"+CHR$(13) > LPT1

and this should get some text printed to the printer .. or create a text document in notepad, copy to that boot floppy, then after booted on the floppy, ...

copy document.txt > lpt1
type document.txt > lpt1

(where document.txt is the name of the document you created in wordpad and saved to that floppy)

usually one of these will cause some form of printed display.. and if so, means all is working, that you just need to find the correct driver options..

you may also have to check the parallel port settings in windows.. (device manager off the System icon in control panel or right click your "My Computer" icon and do "manage") ... and maybe the setting for the parallel port.. like setting it to use legacy detection (Plug-n-play) or checking the settings windows has, with what the port was selected, like maybe windows grabbed LPT2 settings rather than LPT1 .. (378 lpt 1, 278 lpt2.. usually) and then there is the whole ECP - EPP and which revision! ...

lots of little things..

-Good Luck!

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