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epson LX-300x print-out problem

hi guys,
i have some problem with my printer just happen lately, when i tried to print, its printing ascii characters or unknown characters, i am using win2000 os, tried to uninstall install but nothing happen, i use it on 3 different computer but still the same so i think its not my pc problem but i guess a memory problem of my printer, does anyone know how to solve this? your help is badly needed, thanks!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to epson LX-300x print-out p ...

I haven't personally used this model printer and it looks much newer than the LX400 that I had back in the DOS days but as it's an impact printer I would first look at the manuals that came with it as there are several possibilities about the setup there that you could look at


If you're version of Windows doesn't Auto Install printer drivers the Epson ones are here


There is also a F Q&A Section listed here which may be of some assistance


The basic Specs look very similar to the LX 400 that I used to have a 9 Pin Dot Matrix unit and you can change the type settings on the control panel. If I remember correctly the LX 400 had to be set each time it was used to what you wanted as the default on startup left a lot to be desired.


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by mjd420nova In reply to epson LX-300x print-out p ...

It does sound like the default settings does not match with a common ASCII character set. Check the setup for the printer and try some of the other character sets. In the ols dot matrix days, DEC used a character set that set the line feed character the same as a carriage return and all the printer did was form feed paper and print one character per page. Very confusing and wasteful until you figured it out. I think if you turn it of, hold the online button(some use different buttons) and turn it back on, this will print out the setup parameters for you and describe how to change them.

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