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Epson Printer problem

By keylime314159 ·
I have an Epson All-in-One CX5200 and it worked perfectly until
a couple days ago. It seems that the printer ink carriage has
detatched from the toothed belt that drives it. When I turn it on
it makes loud noises like the belt is trying to catch on to it, and
then it gives up and gives me an error message. I called Epson,
but they did seen to be able to help. Any suggestions?

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by TheChas In reply to Epson Printer problem

At a minimum, the print head drive and the head park mechanisms are out of synchronization.

First, is this still under warranty?
Or less than 2 years old?

If so, I suggest that you take it to an authorized Epson service center.

There are just too many things that you can damage if you don't know what you are doing.

Otherwise; How mechanically inclined are you?

The only way to fix this kind of problem is to tear down the printer and operate the mechanisms manually.

I would tear the whole print mechanism apart and clean the paper and ink paths while I had it apart.

Check the belt and pulleys for wear and damage.

If either is damaged, you will need to contact the Epson service center to get replacement parts.

Aligning the head and mechanism can be tricky.

Look at the belt and pulleys carefully.
There should be some marks for alignment.

But, like I said at the top, you are likely better off taking this in for service.
Unless, the unit is worth less than the service charge.


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by wmr02 In reply to Epson Printer problem

Read the first answer. If the printer is not under warranty and you ar enot mechanically inclined you will probably pay more to get the printer fixed than a new one would cost you. If you do replace the printer consider an extended warranty. I did that for a compaq C3-1000 (it cost about $50.00 for three years) and at the two and a half year mark the compaq stopped working. Once phone call later a replacement printer (it was a factory refurbished printer) was being sent. It is faster and prints better than the old compaq.

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