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By pgglmv ·
Can someone tell me how to clean the printhead on an Epson Inkjet 600 and Epson Inkjet 880? Printers appears to work, but nothing is printed. Printers have not been used for awhile and will not print even with new ink cartridges.

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by fred07 In reply to Epson Printers


Oh oh

Epson has a track record of the heads drying up if not used for extended periods.
The ink dries in the jet head and I have had no luck in getting them uncloged even after soaking them in solution for 2 to 4 days.

Remember to keep printers pluged in so that they "set" the heads into the proper position

First remove the top case
Thats two screws in front accesed by opening the front flop up and one left and one right

Two screws in the back of the case all are accessed by the top looking down

After case is removed there is one small screw on the "heighth" adjuster at each end although I only pull the right one

Then you must carefully impress the plastic keeper and rotate it at the same time to release the slide bar

ease the slide bar out as the head comes out of the back stay and then up as the head is lifted out of the bottom slot

Slide the slide bar out of the head and take care not to lose the small "oiler" pad which is located back of the head and above the slider bar

Make sure when reinstalling that you add some 3in1 oil to the "oiler" pad and that it is properly in place

Utilizing rubbing alchol on a Q-tip saturate the head ink set jets {little squares} on the bottom of the heads and keep doing so untill there is no ink residue on the Q-tips

Be careful not to damage the slide ribbon which the head slides through at the back of the head

reasemble printer

clean heads 20 times {printer utility}

Check nozzle pattern


clean heads 20 more times {printer utility}

Check nozzle pattern

Attempt "Print test page"



AN EPSON REPLACEMENT HEAD costs more than a new printer {been there , done that}

I wish you luck


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by TheChas In reply to Epson Printers

Another point on this series of Epson print-heads:

They are known to clog when used with 3rd party inks. Epson won a lawsuit against one of the 3rd party ink suppliers because their ink caused Epson print-heads to clog.


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by pgglmv In reply to Epson Printers

Hi Fred07,
Thanks for your quick response. I will try your suggestions to see if they will work for me. I know that it's cheaper to buy a new printer but we have several Epson 600's with the same problem and they are/were great printers. Will junk them if this doesn't work. Thanks again!

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