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    Epson Wireless 802.11b/g Print Server


    by compserv ·

    Im having trouble getting it to print, The Print Server can print the status sheet using the status sheet buton on the print server, and has a flashing green light indacating data transfer to the printer, The wirless connects with an exelent connection and the print server says it has a high speed conection connected to it, But I can’t print from the computer to the printer.

    I hope that makes any seance to anyone.

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      by jc2it ·

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      Check to see if there is anything lingering in the print queue on the computer.
      Start –> Settings –> Printers –> your printer queue
      If there is, then delete all print jobs.

      Power off all of the equipment. To do this shutdown the computer, unplug any network connections and the power supply. Do the same for the print server and printer. Once everything is off for a good 30 seconds reconnect any cables, and power it all back on.

      Send a test page from the Computer, by clicking on the button in the printer properties.

      Did it work?
      What error messages do you get?

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