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    equipment connections

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    hi, on my computers at home the router is a router/modem/ switch. It got me thinking when I went to a site to learn about servers, they had more of the commercial enterprise stuff. The cisco router, cisco switches, juniper switches etc. I would occasionally on my downtime while transferring the servers I would look at all the equipment inside of the server rack. But because i was busy with the server I didn’t get a chance to really look closely with all those cables running to various devices inside of the rack. It got me thinking that it’s got to be similar to what I have in my house except each device is separate. The switch would have devices plugged in similar like if I ran some cat cable to the ports on my home device. That would be similar to and office where all the pcs at an office that would run to a switch. It got me thinking if all these devices are separate then they would have to be connected somehow so the computers can get online. I’m guessing the switch is connected to the router and the modem is somehow connected to the router. If so, what port would it be an aux port or something?

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      Re: connections

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      Just follow the manual when installing it. Or have it done by a company you trust.

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      In those setups, the devices are indeed separate, just like in your home network. Typically, the switch is connected to the router, and the modem is connected to the router as well. The exact port used for these connections can vary depending on the specific models and configurations.

      If you’re looking to set up a similar network at home or need more detailed guidance, it’s always a good idea to consult the manuals that come with your equipment.

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