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How can I remove my TechRepublic Account and have the associated data deleted. I was unable to find the answer here or with Google. But I found this: :-)
I want to start with this point: "Wipe out superfluous accounts"

Thanks and best regards!

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Account Deletion

by thembam1 In reply to We have the info listed h ...

Hi... I would also like to know how to delete my account from Tech Republic. I have searched and cannot find a Contact Us section for support queries, hence me asking this question on a forum. Is there no simple, automated way of doing this, or do we have to have some special permission and a good reason to have our information deleted from this site?

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any response?

by meh1557923313 In reply to Account Deletion

i would also like to delete my techrepublic account, and can not find a way to do this. i have already unsubscribed from any newsletters, but no longer want this account at all.

for what its worth, i keep getting links to articles that cost $99 to download ... to me that is exorbitant (about 1,600ZAR)

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Need to Delete Account as Well.

by ChaoticNight In reply to We have the info listed h ...

Sorry for 'necroing' the question but I have the same issue. I didn't even realize I had an account until I went through my password manager. I do not need info on the European data law, I just need assistance deleting my account please as I do not plan to use it and several other websites I had old accounts on were hacked so I don't just want this sitting around.

If you need to contact me you may use the email I signed up with (I'm assuming you can see it somehow), Thank you for any assistance.

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