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Erasing Hard Drives

By jimmy-jam ·
Wondering if anyone can recommend a good (free if possible) hard drive wiping utility. I upgraded a PC to a larger capacity hard drive and would like to see what I can get for the old drive. The drive contains some potentially sensitive data and I would like to wipe it before I sell it. Thanks in advance.


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Eraser will do the trick and it's free.

by Ron K. In reply to Erasing Hard Drives

Available here: http://www.tolvanen.com/eraser/ <br>
There are 4 options for overwriting data, 1,3,7, and 35 passes. When it's installed it appears in the right-click dropdown menu in Explorer. Thirty five passes will take quite some time but I'm sure your data would be gone.

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Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)

by .Martin. In reply to Erasing Hard Drives


fairly small download (5.5MB), burn to CD (it is a live CD)

have the option of how many passes you want (7 passes is good enough, that's what the US Department of Security uses)

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Depends on your experience and HDD Type here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Erasing Hard Drives

DBan Boot & Nuke is by far the best option to use but even with the newest Beta Version it's problematic how well it will work with SATA Drives.


Kill Disc tends to work well with all Drive Types but doesn't perform multiple overwrites so it needs to be run a couple of times.


They are the free options but the Professional Version of Kill Disc is probably the best option available and while it's still possible to recover Data off the Drive it's only the Deepest Forensic Recovery methods that will get this data back. Even then it's likely to be heavily corrupted.

These are the methods used by the Authorities to recover Data in Criminal Matters and go to millions of $ to do for real people so effectively the data is completely destroyed.



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by DMambo In reply to Erasing Hard Drives


I've used it for years. Seems very good to me. Might not be the fastest.

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by asher2jk In reply to Erasing Hard Drives

Its Ultimate Boot CD.. Got to know about it from here only.. If my memory serves me right, OH Smeg told me about it.. Anyway, google it and you will get.. It contains all the S/W you will require for this and many other purposes. Very useful.

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by jimmy-jam In reply to Get UBCD

I've already got it. Didn't know those tools were on it. I'll have to check it out.

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by jimmy-jam In reply to Erasing Hard Drives

I was a bit of a Seagull on this one... mea culpa

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