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Erasing sector 2 to get rid of DDO

By jeremy ·
If I use the method found at to delete sector 2, will this get rid of the Dynamic Drive Overlay without harming my data, or posing a significant threat to harming it? Let me know, thanks.

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by wcp In reply to Erasing sector 2 to get r ...

Whenever there is a disclaimer, it means that it may not work 100%. This could be a matter of simply protecting the creator or something indeed could go wrong.
Remember the Murphy?s Law (If something could go wrong, it will) and Schultz?s Law (Murphy is an optimist).

If you really want to try this, backup all your data beforehand.

You are better off if you go to your HD manufacturer?s website, download a utility software (most of them are freeware), and run it to disable the DDO.

On the other hand, notice the next section (Erase all HDD information). There is no disclaimer and this is actually Dell is recommending to delete all partitions before creating a partition and formatting the HD to install Windows 9X because of virus or other problems.
I have used this numerous times without ANY problems. I have a batch file that contains the lines (except the second line, A 100 instead of A CS:100). This comes handy when you want to delete any partition (NTFS, Linux...) in your HD.

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by wcp In reply to

The last line should read "all partitions", not "any partition".

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by phil.hall In reply to Erasing sector 2 to get r ...

Back up your data first, then do it. That trick writes to the disk and it will mess up the entire partition table to do so. Be safe, not sorry.

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by dmiles In reply to Erasing sector 2 to get r ...

In most cases you can remove your DDO without losing any data,as long as you have a alternative means of accessing the drive (i.e. an updated Bios
or drive controller)
If the DDO removal encounters a serious file problem or is interrupted by a power loss or hardware failure the removal will fail and data can be lost

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by jeremy In reply to

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by jeremy In reply to Erasing sector 2 to get r ...

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