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Eratic Mouse

By dmiles ·
Recently purchased a laser mouse and what hapeens is when using the mouse and directing the pointer it will dart to left or top of open window.

Has anyone expierenced this problem?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Eratic Mouse

Flaky driver is my first guess, if the driver and mouse work on another system.

Bad mouse is my guess if it exhibits the same issues on another system.

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by dmiles In reply to

Drivers are the latest update

I donot think the mouse is bad,it would exemplify more isaues than just the one
Another tech member pointed toward the mouse pad be the problem,the surface to be exact,thanks anywasy

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by mfinzel In reply to Eratic Mouse

It could also be the surface your mouse is on. I have found optical mice behave erratically on glass (clear), and other shiny and/or reflective surfaces.

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by dmiles In reply to

Thanks for the reply but the question has been answered and closed.

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by dmiles In reply to Eratic Mouse

This question was closed by the author

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