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Erection Day monday

By Jaqui ·
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to Erect the next Federal Government in Canada.

so lets review the options:
1) Conservatives - Government for big business
2) Liberals - Government for big business
3) New Democrat Party [ NDP ] - Government for Unions [ aka big business ]
4) Libertarian - civil law only government? sounds like anarchists really.
5) Communist Party of Canada - government for big government.
6) Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada - more government for big government.
7) Green Party - hippies taking over?

check who is running in your riding, I get to pick from 5 bad choices
numbers 4 and 6 no candidate for me.

The green Party's idea of sustainable technologies with incentive for using them, carbon tax credits type of incentives are definitely intriguing, but they lack something.

not going to really say much about the M-L and Commies, nothing much needed to be said.

The 3 main parties, all really boil down to big business, though the NDP tends to have a better track record of trying to do something for the people.

the 8th party, the one that shouldn't be in a FEDERAL election, the Block Quebecois - TREASON.
their mandate is the destruction of Canada as a nation. since they only ever put Candidates forward in Quebec, they should be banned from running in a Federal Election. a FEDERAL party needs to be represented in ALL electoral ridings, or it is NOT a federal party.

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Maybe that's the problem

by santeewelding In reply to Erection Day monday

" something for the (people)", being just one of the free-for-all factions you mention.

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lol, maybe

by Jaqui In reply to Maybe that's the problem

but they at least do try to make things better for the people not just for business.

of all the parties, the Greens actually have the best platform in their focus on sustainable technologies and legislation to promote it concepts.
I just don't see them getting in.
it's not presented well enough.

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That'd be my bet....

by AnsuGisalas In reply to lol, maybe

Never vote for someone just because they might win - they won't know it was you, and won't give a cluck, either.

Vote for someone who's got an idea for improving things.

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Doing something for the people

by NickNielsen In reply to Maybe that's the problem

That's a rather unique concept, one I've not seen in American politics in many decades. The current objective seems more to me to be to do something to the people.

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The libertarians should merge with the Quebecois...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Erection Day monday

After all, dissolving the nation would reduce government with one fell swoop

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by Jaqui In reply to The libertarians should m ...

but the libertarians aren't out to destroy the country, only have minimal government.
law suits for personal disputes
everything else is gone in their vision.

don't see it ever becoming a popular vote option.

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I don't know who to vote for

by Slayer_ In reply to Erection Day monday

They all suck...
I guess I'll go conservative, just to help give them a majority and stop these stupid elections.

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they are all

by Jaqui In reply to I don't know who to vote ...

bad options.
we need some way to really tell the politicians that they aren't making any real headway in public trust. check my response to James below, I put my own opinion on a simple voting change that would do that.

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Well let me be blunt

by JamesRL In reply to Erection Day monday

We probably don't see eye to eye Jackie, and thats ok. But I would encourage you to not give up, make a choice and vote.

I do see a difference in the big three parties. Its true there is much overlap between the Liberals and Conservatives. Perhaps thats why the NDP are gaining on the Liberals.

The NDP want to raise corporate taxes to pay for new social programs. If our corporate taxes were lower than those in the US, I might be ok with that, but when the US corporate taxes are lower, its an incentive for Canadian companies to pack up and move south, taking their jobs with them. That hurts our employment and our economy, and reduces the amount of personal income tax collected. I don't equate big unions with big business.

The Green Party has had a track record of being fiscally conservative, which I like, but they won't get elected.

The Libertarians sadly won't ever come to power, as our society is addicted to government sponsored programs.

The Bloc Quebecois is probably watching its own demise as we speak. Not that the sovereignty issue is over, just it isn't that important right now, and the Bloc's raison d'etre doesn't exist if no one wants a referendum in the next 5 years. They were very much like a Quebec version of the NDP on other issues, but since the NDP is making gains in Quebec, they may be wiped out.

As for me, I will as usual vote conservative. I'm not 100% thrilled with the party and how its run, and how they have governed, but overall I see them as the best fit especially given our economic times. In my riding, the conservative candidate doesn't really have a hope, but I will vote for him anyway.

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I never

by Jaqui In reply to Well let me be blunt

said I wasn't going to vote.
only that all the choices are bad.

and I agree, the Greens have the best platform, their problems lie in 2 areas:
no real proven track record in office.
Julian May.
She is likely a good leader, but last election her lack of French killed the green's chances of being elected in francophone ridings.

I also think the green's platform needs to get far more specific, not a numbers specific but literally details of their proposed changes to legislation and taxation systems.

I do have an issue with the green's statement that the voting system needs to change, it sounds to me like they want the transferable vote implemented. I do not agree with that, specially with elections canada reporting to parliament, that is to easily abused by elections canada to pick their bosses.

in all seriousness, the simplest change would be enough to get more of a voter turnout, add a none of the above box to every single ballot, give those who really don't like the options a single box to count as a happy with or unhappy with the current system / parties. That gives them a solid number that tells the politicians how badly they are doing.

I agree, the libertarians will never get a seat in government.

Most union workplaces are big business workplaces, and the unions themselves are each a big business. that's why I do equate unions and big business.

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