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    by abedini_prg ·

    I’am MS Student Of Industrial Management And I want to find a topic for my thesis in ERP field
    can anybody sugest any topic any ERP For my Thesis

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      by oz_media ·

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      Here’s a few of the more common players sites, you should get some helpful info. Perhaps regarding a specific manufacturing process that benefits from ERP? (probably the easiest to find info on)

      Firstly ESS Software is a good reseller with some really good info on their site.

      Also look into the Mapics and MAS solutions they suggest, I believe they link directly from the ESS Software site to the manufacturer sites.

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      by ippirate ·

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      I saw something the other day that you might want to look in to. I saw the article originally in InfoWorld magazine.

      The item of interest is called EBS (Employee Business Services) developed by Patrick Grady and Rearden Commerce. It is the most recent product in the emergence of “hosted” type solutions in the ERP market place. If this item is to narrow of a field to research you might consider looking at hosted solutions and/or internet apps as a whole. SAP, PeopleSoft/Oracle and a few others offer these services.

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      by ·

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      ERP is a broad terminology and there are more players like Oracle,SAP,Peoplesoft,JDEdwards, Seibel,BAAN….the list goes on. The functionality in the basic terms is capturing all the activities in the system. Now The users are not sure which to choose from the long list of ERP Applications. The ideal topic would be to take basic functionality and compare it across Applications and suggest ideal ones. Also if you could rate them and suggest modifications then it might be useful.

      All the best.

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