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ERP Developement ?

By shah_hs ·
Assuming i am interested to contruct and ERP Package for an MNC chemical industry, what could be my first step and what modules should be construct first...

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by Furqan Asrar In reply to ERP Developement ?

Assuming you have done your feasibility study and scope of the project your first step would be to design a database and/or you could also start with the basic screens (UI).

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by j.lupo In reply to ERP Developement ?

Enterprise Resource Planning is a large undertaking. Have you looked at existing ERP packages? There are quite a few out there. Having worked with custom and commercial ERP, you really need to perform a feasibility study first and a cost-benefit to determine if any of the existing ERP vendors can provide your solution before trying to develop one yourself. Many ERP projects fail for lack of project planning and analysis.

You may want to take a look at which I found to be a pretty good overview of the basics. It also addresses why they fail.

Good Luck

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by Black Panther In reply to ERP Developement ?

We actually use an ERP II package. You would be looking at 18 months at least to implement depending on the size of your company and the amount of employees.

Here is an example of an Australian Package Tier 2 but has all the functionality of the Tier 1 Products ie Peoplesoft, JD Edwards etc

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by BR-549 In reply to ERP Developement ?

Your first step is to raise 100 million dollars. I agree with j.lupo; why would you build when there are existing products. While you may get a product out in a few years it will not have he maturity of the existing products for decades (at which point it will be obsolete).

If the existing packages do not meet your needs then I would guess that you are trying to build a niche product (that could integrate with an ERP) rather than trying to build an ERP.

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by RealGem In reply to ERP Developement ?

Well, assuming that you want to build it from scratch, I would start with something relatively simple. Maybe time reporting or invoicing.

You will have to build your framework and implement / integrate your technology for the first release, no matter what it is. Doing a simple module first limits the complexity and lowers your risk.

After that, I would do your AP/AR/GL. This will be a large release. After that, I would do your procurement, MRP, or other modules.

If you are trying to develop the ERP for an industry, you are going to have make it flexible enough for any company in the industry. This will make your product more complex than if you were designing it for a single company.

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by manmohan74 In reply to ERP Developement ?

It does not matter how many ERP packages are available. what matters is what you plan to do. I do see you have narrowed down your scope to MNC chemical industry. This is what is your starting point.

1. Knowledge of the domain/industry (how MNC chemical industry works).
2. One specific area of expertise (say marketing function, inventory management, production, finance, procurement, legal etc) to begin with.
3. Understand what you got to offer.
4. Analyze competitors if anybody is offering similar or any close solution.
5. SWOT based on above.
6. Enough experts at your disposal to drive you to your objective (which includes deep financial pockets).

The objective is to enter into a vertical domain, the more knowledge/business idea you have the better starting point you have. Needless to say have an objective where you want to reach as your ending point.


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