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By acp2g ·
Out of the following ERP solutions, which solution would you choose for a small to mid-market manufacturing company with mixed-mode manufacturing & why?


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Try the

by Dr Dij In reply to ERP SOLUTION - WHO IS BES ...

technology evaluation website

type adonix in search box, 1st article is a comparison with some other ERPs, and 12 articles show up.

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Technology Eval site

by acp2g In reply to Try the

Thanks for the info, but I've been to this site before.

You definitely have to pay a fee to obtain comparisons in depth.

I thought maybe I'd find end users on the Tech Republic site that may already have experience in one way or another with these systems.

Thanks anyway.

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You're right

by Dr Dij In reply to Technology Eval site

I occasionally read their articles but the #1 on search always seems to point to their pay eval database.

Hopefully someone else who uses one of these sees this. We use an industry specific erp, not among those.

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Independent Consultant

by paul7410 In reply to ERP SOLUTION - WHO IS BES ...

It may be wise to hire an independent consultant. I've used all of these products you've listed here except SYSPRO. Out of the 4 you have mentioned I would go with Adonix, however I think you're cheating yourself if you don't look at Infor VISUAL Enterprise. It's by far the best SMB ERP solution as it was designed for manufacturing, the database and software is very stable, etc.

Adonix - great financials, good mfg - ASP type interface is nice.
Intuitive - wouldn't touch again
Syspro - no experience, have not heard anything either way.
Vantage - great "looking" interface, but functionality is NOT there. They will sell you that it can do what you want, but once you TRY to install it and once it finally is installed it will NOT work like it was when you demoed it!!! Stay away.
Infor VISUAL - financial package isn't as good as Adonix, but the mfg side is better by far then the rest you have mentioned. Interface isn't as sexy as either adonix or Vantage, but stability, functionality, and TOC is vastly better.

I'd be curious as to what you decide.

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Intuitive ?

by acp2g In reply to Independent Consultant

Thank you for your reply. I'm becoming of the same mind as it relates to Vantage. I'm concerned about Infor VISUAL, as I didn't think they could offer mixed-mode manufacturing MRP support.

More important, however, is would you mind offering why you state, "Intuitive - wouldn't touch again"?

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Syspro comment

by sgri In reply to ERP SOLUTION - WHO IS BES ...

My experience is with Syspro, and for mid-size, mixed-mode manufacturing I would definitely recommend it. Price-wise you will find it competitive, I believe. And as they have international presence in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, there will be references and experiences from elsewhere you can draw on if needed. If you are also considering integration issues to other apps, Syspro's e.Net functionality provides that.

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by acp2g In reply to Syspro comment

Thank you for your feedback. It is sincerely appreciated.

I've seen statements regarding SYSPRO's development not offered in US. Have you heard or experienced this of SYSPRO?

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by sgri In reply to SYSPRO

Not sure what you mean by "SYSPRO's development not offered in US". As far as I know, whatever comes out of development becomes part of the worldwide product set.

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Looking for Simple and Best ERP Solution ?! Here we are

by Nicole Sanford In reply to ERP SOLUTION - WHO IS BES ...

WorkforceTrack is a simple and mini ERP solution created specifically to cater for the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Although it does not handle manufacturing, logistics and distributions like how some other big ERP solution providers do, WorkforceTrack covers the following key modules nearly all organizations need:

WorkforceTrack provides simple but unique solution: a feature rich Project Management, Time Tracking solutions that are simple and easy to use. Project management tool- Enables you to easily add projects, edit projects, choose assignees. Task management tool - Enables you to easily add task, edit tasks, choose assignees. Time Tracking tool First create projects, tasks and then easily create time-sheets and record your time spent on those tasks and projects

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