ERP systems for media company- Need Help

By dmabuahmad ·
I am hoping someone could help me. I am looking for help or recommednations for choosing an ERP system for the company i am working for.
I would like to know what solutions some of the big companies are using such as BBC and sky (althoughmuch bigger than the company i am working for) and some of the smaller companies too.
If someone could provie me any information,suggestions ,recommendations or even a contact of a consultant that could help me out that would be great!


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Characteristics to be considered

by C_Tharp In reply to ERP systems for media com ...

Unless you find one that meets every need of your company, you will need to customize the system in some way.

Typically, reporting will not be exactly as desired so there needs to be a means to produce custom reports from the ERP data. Either the ERP system should provide a way to create them or a separate tool must be used. Either way you will need documentation of the ERP schema so that you can identify the pieces of data.

If you need to customize the rules for processing data, you need to know exactly how each change is processed and how to program for the system. A well documented API is very desirable. In its absence, you need good documentation of how data is entered, changed, and flows through the system. Knowledge of the programming language and a compiler are prerequisites. A development environment will be needed, too.

If your budget is limited, you need to consider the database requirements. Is the system limited to one DBMS? The cost of the ERP may not include the DBMS.

Good luck. Setting up or converting an ERP is not simple. Good planning will avoid many headaches and long days.

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couple of options that will work

by lstivers In reply to Characteristics to be con ...

i have done a lot of in depth research on erp systems for my company over the last year, there are some lower price ones that you can make do anything that you would like.
my top recommendation would be exapta, it runs on sql server, right out of the box it is configured and you can easily modify it to do anything you would like, like i said to begin with it is a very easy setup.
second recommendation, this is a little more expensive but it is an amazing system, that includes thousands of reports, dashboards, and it is also somewhat customizable, it is called made 2 manage

try googling both trial them and see what you like, hope i helped. and good luck.

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Thanks allot,,,, one more question

by dmabuahmad In reply to couple of options that wi ...

Thanks allot for your help. I will google your suggestions NOW. during your extensive research did you get to know anthing about Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision).? if so any opinion on it?

thanks so much again.

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Another option to look at - Open Source

by david In reply to Thanks allot,,,, one more ...

Having worked with a few, why not give OpenBravo a look ( It's Open Source, covers all the requirements that I can see for an SME and is gaining acceptance. We're certainly looking at it seriously for a mjor system implementation. It works in Windows & Linux and has Postgres at the back-end so it's reliable.

Navision? Not really a contender. Seems difficult to set up and maintain - hence a steady stream of consultants available to ease the pain.

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i agree

by lstivers In reply to Another option to look at ...

i fully agree, we tried it out and played with it a little bit and it does seem very difficult to set up, plus you get the famous microsoft support out of the deal, for the price you pay it is definetely not worth the money. another one that you might look for, (actually the one we went to) is quantum, great system, takes some getting used to, little difficult to learn but overall it is stable as ****, we actually upgraded our version of that, the company has had it upwards of 15 years and only had one crash about 10 years ago, it is written in cobol (hence "a little difficult to learn" but it is great, the company that makes it is mcba i doubt you can google them but i can post a phone number. david has a good point if you would like to go cheap i would for sure take a look at open bravo.

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Media specialists G3 Global

by G3global In reply to ERP systems for media com ...


You should try a company called G3 Global - - they specialise in the media industry and favour the ERP system with SAP.


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by Nassim_ERP In reply to Media specialists G3 Glob ...

LumarIT Solutions has an ERP system called ProPlus. I've done extensive research on ERP for a client and I have to admit ProPlus still works the best and is much easier for people to learn (even the ones using it in the floor plant). ProPlus is not advertised. If you want to have more information, call me @ 416-951-4020 (Nassim)

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ERP system

by morne.swanepoel In reply to ERP systems for media com ...


Did anyone help you in this regards


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SAP ERP solutions for e media companies

by saipawan In reply to ERP systems for media com ...


I am from Infospectrum India pvt ltd chennai which is an Indian subsidiary of Infospectrum Inc CA USA.

We have developed an erp package on the platform of SAP Business One and it is working fine with 3 channels for the past almost 3 years.

If you need more information you can contact me and on my mobile +** 9790**1644.


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ERP Solutions

by pftecoffers In reply to ERP systems for media com ...

Antara, a practical and flexible solution ideal for tanneries of all sizes and is suitable for large organizations with branches or plants spread worldwide or organizations with a single plant where specific modules can be deployed.

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