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    Err Msg: While initializing device….


    by bridog ·

    I have a Micron Millenia running Win95. When booting the machine I get this error “While initializing device a windows protection error occurred, you need to restart your computer”. When I reboot the PC the second time, no matter what configurationI boot into, I can boot into safe mode. In safe mode I have checked devices – no conflicts or errors. I have been told however that some scanner drivers can cause this and to remove existing scanner drivers. The machine has had Pagekeeper Standard3.0 loaded, but i uninstalled the program and am still getting the error. Ideas regarding the true nature of this problem and ways to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated.

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      Err Msg: While initializing device….

      by vinz ·

      In reply to Err Msg: While initializing device….

      Uninstalling your program won’t disable the drivers. Try this go to Start->Run type “MSCONFIG”->Enter. Now go to your System.ini folder and uncheck your devices one by one, rebooting each time until you find the one that’s not affected. If it is your scanner, is it a SCSI device? Are you using an interface card or on board SCSI port? I recommend the interface card because of the way SCSI’s are designed. Another thing would be, after finding out wich device is the culprit, remove it all togetherfrom the device manager. reboot and reinstall the drivers and software. This should at least get you started in finding the prob. Good luck.


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      Err Msg: While initializing device….

      by mphoffar ·

      In reply to Err Msg: While initializing device….

      I would first disable all my drivers for things like sound cards, network cards, etc in the device manager and then change the display adapter to a standard VGA or a PCI compatable VGA and then see if it boots that way.

      If it does, I would thenreenable one device at a time to find what the offending device was.

      If it doesn’t boot, I would guess that something is wrong with component on the system board. Last time I had this happen I had my l2 cache just die on me and the only way I was able to get it to boot was too disable it in the bios. Computer ran slower then molasses after I did that though.

      I find it hard to imagine a scanner driver would do tihs, but I’m sure it’s possable. IF you need to, rename the twain and twunk files on the system and see if that clears it up.

      Good luck to you


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      Err Msg: While initializing device….

      by jaeath ·

      In reply to Err Msg: While initializing device….

      I think I undestand you. You can only boot into safe mode? If that is the case than the obviose thing would be, hat was the last thing you did and did that cause it. Did you just install a scanner or some other device? If not than no worries there. That eliminates alot. Next run virus scan. probably not that though. If not it sure sounds like ram. Bad storms lately? Power surges? Good Luck:)

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      Err Msg: While initializing device….

      by fiction12 ·

      In reply to Err Msg: While initializing device….

      Do you have a Umax scanner. if so you will need to get the latest drivers installed to correct this.

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