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Errant Employee - Web Misuse - Help Please

By biffobabs ·
Hi Everyone

I look after the IT services for a workgroup of around 30. Every month I
find time to run random web logs on my users. This month I have found
one user who is spending their entire day on YouTube/Facebook/Google.
We are a tight knit unit and I want to approach the user or line manager
in the most diplomatic way. Does anyone have any tips/anecdotes to
give me the best way to approach this very sensitive issue



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Avoid a confrontation if possible.

by nepenthe0 In reply to Errant Employee - Web Mis ...

There is no way you can approach this employee without that individual feeling humiliated and resentful. Obviously this is an individual of marginal value to your organization.

I recommend your filtering web access. The employee will get the picture, and hopefully will shape up. If that person is determined to provoke a confrontation, it is because of job dissatisfaction and a passive-aggressive means of transferring responsibility to the employer. The prognosis is not good.

Rick/Portland, OR

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So everyone pays?

by Shellbot In reply to Avoid a confrontation if ...

Because one jerk is abusing web priviledges they should start filtering those sites out?

If its only one person causing the problem, why should the ones who spend 5 mins a day in Facebook get punished as well?

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In a word, yes!

by Forum Surfer In reply to So everyone pays?

That's how we do it, organiztion wide. Do you really need facebook/myspace at work? It seems more fair to me to block access to everyone, remove the temptation from the start and not allow special privileges. Otherwise you end up constantly singling someone out as this guy is pointing out, which always results in confrontations and resentment on someone's part. Remove the temptatation from the start and the problem is altogether avoided. It's not like anyone's rights are being violated. Don't goof off at work on the internet! Even on my lunch's not MY network even though I maintain it so I don't go web surfing on sites not work related. It's MY time but not MY network.

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Not really my area but

by Shellbot In reply to Errant Employee - Web Mis ...

Can I ask is it that the User does this all day all week all month? Is it a new thing, or just recently..

Not trying to be stupid, just want to make sure I understand "spending their entire day on YouTube/Facebook/Google".

Is it part of your job to monitor the staff? Do managers come to you and ask how much time thier users are spending online?
Basically, are you the internet police for your place of employment?

If so, then inform the Users manager.
If not..move on and get on with your own work. By tattling you may score brownie points..or you may make many enemies.

I'm sure some people will take offence at my answer, but hey..unless its part of your job..steer clear...if this guy has not been informed he is being monitored you could get yourself in trouble.

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I know where you are coming from

by biffobabs In reply to Not really my area but

you have summed up the problem

we are a design company and have a very "open" attitude
to internet useage.

everyone gets an internet useage policy when they join -
but we allow people free access as part of their jobs
involve use of many types of sites - unfortunately, it
appears this person is just misusing the privilege

I make random checks every month and this is the first
time i have found gross misuse - just dont know what to
do! My managers expect me to be checking - but this is
the first time i have had a serious violation, I have only
been checking this person since May 6 so don't have in
depth evidence yet

oh dear!

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What is the policy about internet abuse?

by jdclyde In reply to Errant Employee - Web Mis ...

That is where you start.

Does it say what can and can't be done?

Does it say what happens if there is a violation?

If it isn't spelled out, give the informaton to your boss, who is the one expecting you do review the logs.

It is then HIS responsiblitiy to deal with this, not yours. Don't stick your nose in somewhere if your not sure it belongs there and it is clear that YOU are not set up to be the enforcer or you would have instructions on dealing with this.

Good luck and CYA.

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