Error: 0x0000005A (parameter.......)

By Oyinke ·
Before my PC crashed, it froze up and none of the keys were responding,and so I was forced to shut down using the power button.
When I powered it back on, would boot to a point and then restart (like a loop). I tried the F10 (system recovery), it rebooted and brought up the blue screen again. I tried using window xp repair cd (service pack 2), same problem. come on, shows me the hp invent logo, but does not boot.

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See this:

by seanferd In reply to Error: 0x0000005A (parame ...

It is a very generic hardware or device driver error. Follow the link in at 2 for generic stop error troubleshooting. I realize not all steps will apply in your situation.

Download a live CD - perhaps the UBCD, which contains all sorts of troubleshooting tools. If the computer runs fine off the live cd, the problem is the OS install or the hard drive itself.

In short, the repair may not work, but a full reinstall after wiping the drive with something like DBAN may. Back up all your data first by adding the drive as a slave to another computer, or by attaching in an external USB drive housing. Copy all your personal files to another drive or CD/DVD for safekeeping.

If it is an actual hardware failure, you may be able to replace the failed component, or you might require a new motherboard.

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As stated above you need to do some Diagnostics here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Error: 0x0000005A (parame ...

The Ultimate Boot CD is is ideal for this as it contains most of the more commonly needed Testing Utilities and the fact that it's free doesn't hurt one little bit either

The two things to test that are really important here is the HDD and the RAM.

To test the HDD you need to run ideally the Makers testing Utility on the System and then if it fails that test remove the HDD fit to another computer and retest. If it fails the second test the HDD is faulty and needs replacing so if it's still working get your Data off it immediately and scrap it. If it's dead it's gone to Silicon Heaven and to all intents and purposes your Data is lost forever unless you have a Backup or lots of money.

However if it p[asses the test in the Second Computer that Drive is Perfectly functional so either the M'Board, The Power Supply or the Data Lead in the original computer is faulty. You need to repeat the test with one component at a time from the First System to rule out or find the faulty component.

As for the RAM there are several possibilities particularly if more has been fitted since new the most likely thing is that there is a Mismatch between the different RAM Modules which particularly when installing Windows can cause problems. If that is the case here and all RAM Tests as OK individually but fails the test when it's all fitted to the M'Board you have a Timing Issue and the only real way around this is to fit Matched RAM Modules to get away from the Timing Issue. These RAM Modules would need to come from the same Maker be the same Model and ideally from the same Product Run so that differences between the different Modules will be as little as possible.

However if the RAM Passes the Tests but will not allow Windows to Install simply removing all but 1 Module finish the Windows Install and then when Windows is up and Running refit the remainder of the RAM things will be OK.


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