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By sbhuck ·
Can someone explain why I get the error box "your program has perform and illegal action and will be shutting down".
I am reading Paid2Read emails. On Monday morning I had just finished the item I had clicked, and had right clicked on Mozilla box in the system tray to close the screen and go to the next tiem in the paid email, when it showed up.
One PTR has is now keeping all emails requiring more "clicks" at the home page. I went to this page, and 3 times after clickin one of the emails there, again when I closed out of the search site, to retrun to the email and choose the next part to be clicked, this error showed up.
The only thing in common is that it usaully occrus when I right click the (in my case Mozilla) box in the system tray inorder to close it out and return to the email to click on the next link.
I can go a long time without this error, but it does seem to be showing up more frequently.
I would take any suggestions or explaintions as to how to stop this.
One other thing. I have Mozilla 1.6 as my default browser, but I keep getting Internet explorer pop up pages, even though I am not even in IE.
I guess my question is why?
Wilbur Huck

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by sbhuck In reply to Error

I guess I had better add this. I read somewhere between 100 and 150 emails day, and I do overf 150 searches a day I use this same above method to for closing out one link to get back to the email to click the next link or to use my back button to get to the email page witht he other emals I need to click and read.
I have gone 3 or 4 days without this error message appearing, and then it just seems that it will "randomly" come up.
At least with using Mozilla, it only kicks me outof hthe browser, and does not cause a "crash" of my computer the way IE did if this error occurred.

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by Chris910 In reply to Error

It sounds as if the Pop ups might be the source of your problems and if you go through that much Email you should be using some kind of ad ware protection software like Ad-Aware ( or spybot Search and destroy(. you should also be aware of a product called Hijackthis (
that is specifically for browser Hijacks. The first two perform the same function and are both free, with my preference being Ad-Aware due to it's simplicity of use. If these don't solve your problem then you may have a browser hijack on your hands and hijackthis may be your tool but be careful it is a very powerful tool that can also do bad things if not used properly.

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by sbhuck In reply to

Helped solve problem

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by grbeckmeyer In reply to Error

I googled 'paid2read' and most of the sites looked like a haven of spyware/adware/hijackers. I would strongly suggest discontinuing anything associated with paid2read. At the very least, only use on a second or spare system that you don't mind being compromised. Make ABSOLUTELY sure you never use it to enter credit card or other personal information. Definitely run both AdAware and Spybot, and also make sure your virus defs are updated and run a full scan. You might even want to try a program called SwatIT at to remove trojans.

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by sbhuck In reply to Error

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