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    by r.stodolski ·

    hello—-when i boot the computer up—a message of this appears——

    outsideerror— it is all 1 word

    exactly this way itis spelled –do not know how to resolve not having this on my pc—thank you robert

    all in 1 word—need you helpp—thank you

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      by oz_media ·

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      It may be an issue with resooving an IP or network connection. Outside error makes me think it is NIC related.

      Some more information would be nice, operating system for example.

      Here’s what I’d try, not having experienced this same problem myself yet, disable or completely remove the network card and retry. This may just be a dead NIC card or driver issue. Also you can look for a BIOS update at the manufacturer’s site, if not OEM equipment you will need to examine your motherboard and go to the manufacturer’s site and look for a BIOS update.

      Any other info you can provide would help, but it doesn’t need to be ‘allinoneword’.

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      by mr-rich ·

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      Hopefully you have ad-aware, possibly a spybot. Check your startup in “msconfig”.

      I am not to fond of “norton”, but here is a link that may help.

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