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Error 3043

By Shanghai Sam ·
Have an older program running on a client machine that uses DAO 3.51 to access a MDB on a Windows 2000 Server.

While the program is on the screen and hasn't had any activity from the user for sometime, the comes and error from DAO:

This doesn't always seem to happen, and it doesn't happen on any other Client/Server systems independent from this. So I assume it is a hardware/software/system setting related problem specific to this system and not the program or DAO.

Disk or networkerror

The following have been considered a causes:

-No enviroment variable for Tmp/Temp directory.
-Not enough local free disk space
-Bad sectors on local hard drive
-Bad cables
-Wrong Net/Server settings

Who can give tell me from theirexperience:

-What else could possibly cause this, or

-which of the above possibilities are most likely, or

-if it is one of the above possibilities, or something else, can more specifics be given to me

-If it is possibly a Net/Server setting then what settings would that be, (more than likely not a default setting)

This is not directly my field of work, even though I do have some ideas due to the indirectly related work that I do.

I seem to always run into system admins who have little experience, esp. with things out of the norm - very often not their own fault but because a company decided to trade off the experience in order to cut costs, (costly experience goes out, less costly and the inexperience stays), or for something less costly, (costly experience is Replaced by the less costly inexperience), - if I may put it that way, and I think most know what I am talking about.
Hope I don't affend anyone............

Thanks for all the help I get!

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Error 3043

by C1980 In reply to Error 3043


This User Deleted has come up as the author of this question. It was posted by myself -

Please only answer the one posted right after this one or I will not be able to award points.

I guess this happenswhen one writes a question while logged on to TechRep and then gets a time-out when the question is committed. I got a message to log on again and did so, and had to repost it again.

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