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Error 32768

By ITgirli ·
I have been trying to install Windows XP on a Dell Optiplex. I deleted the old partition and created a new one. During formating the computer would turn itself off. I'm using the Dell reinstallation CD and (wouldn't you know it) our warranty expired 3 months ago. I did try the same disc from another computer with the same error. I tried again and it shut off during setup. Each time I try, it shuts off earlier. Eventually it has gotten to the point where it no longer would shut off, but would pop up with an error message. The error message I'm getting now reads:
"File acpi.sys caused an unexpected error (3276 at line 5964 in \xpsprtm\base\boot\setup\setup.c."
Of course this is if I can get an error message. Right now the PC is refusing to boot from CD. I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

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by willcomp In reply to Error 32768

That's an unusual one.

But here are some thoughts.

Ensure that CPU cooler fan is functional. Check CPU and system temperatures in BIOS.

Since ACPI is associated with power saving features, try disabling Power Saving in BIOS and also any fan permissives (e.g. CPU cooler fan) providing fans are working.

Swap memory with another PC.

Try an OEM XP CD if you have one and none of the above help.


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by ITgirli In reply to

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by In reply to Error 32768

Hello IT...

acpi.sys is a driver for ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface), an open industry specification developed by multiple vendors.

This sounds like a compatibility issue, not a media issue (i.e. not a bad CD). Your PC need not be broken. Perhaps it cannot run Windows XP.

Please answer some questions:

- How old is the PC?

- What CPU and speed?

- Did it run Windows XP before you are now trying to install Windows XP? If not, what OS was it running?

- Is the reinstall CD for this specific model of Dell Optiplex? If not, what model is it for?


- If there is an ACPI option in your BIOS, try changing the value. If ON, change to OFF. If OFF, change to ON.

- Even though your PC is out of warranty, Dell should be able to provide tech support. If the CD is for your specific Dell Optiplex model, it ought to work. Dell ought to be able to assist you through getting it to work.

- I'm with willcomp on the CPU cooler. When you say "each time I try, it shuts off earlier", it sounds like heat. Each time you try again, the starting temperature would be higher and would overheat sooner. To prove this, open the case, point a small room fan directly at the open case, and try to install again. This will ensure there is no hot air pockets inside the case. If things improve, it points to a heat problem. You could then try installing a better CPU fan+heatsink for a permanent solution.

Did this help?

-----Steve Jackson

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by ITgirli In reply to

The CD came with that specific reinstall CD. Dell has tried to help me (Dell support is inadequate at best). I've messed with the BIOS. It had XP on it before and has had it reinstalled twice. We slick/reinstall between users. I'm inclined to agree with the idea behind the fan not working, as I opened the case up, turned it on, and I didn't see any movement from the fan. I would likely consider it suspect. My only issue then is that while I tried another reinstall CD that was the same, yet had come with a different users computer, I got the same effect of it not working. However, when I tried to reinstall from a regular Windows XP retail CD, I did not receive an issue at all. Unfortunately I cannot install from that CD, so it's rather inconsequential whether it works or not. (besides, my boss lost the product key).

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by In reply to

The fan not spinning is almost certainly causing the CPU to overheat. The hardware will then detect the temperature and signal it through ACPI. The software will shut down the PC.

If the regular retail CD can be installed, it must not be installing the ACPI driver that detects the temperature problem. Problem is still there but undetected.

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by In reply to Error 32768

My answer and comment disappeared... Let's see if this makes it reappear.

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by ITgirli In reply to

How odd. Wonder why it did that.

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by ITgirli In reply to Error 32768

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