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Error 429 code Access is the front end SQL is backend

By Jman2791 ·
Heres a sample line of code that it points to and i'm not understanding whats wrong

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim dbscurrent As DAO.Database
Dim strvalue As String
Set dbscurrent = CurrentDb()
'Set DBObject = New EBdefinitionsClass

' v5124
'Set DBObject = CreateObject("EB.EBdefinitionsClass")
Set crypobject = CreateObject("EB.EBCrypKeyClass") <<<<this is culprit
crypobject.DatabaseCurrent = dbscurrent '20030829
Set IObject = CreateObject("EB.EBupdatedynamiccountClass")

'strValue = DLookup("[Userdefinable 3]", "My Company Information")
'strValue = strValue & "DbM_fe.mdb"
'DBObject.DatabaseCurrent = dbsCurrent
'DBObject.DatabaseName = strValue
' DBObject.SetDatabase
End Sub

Help please!

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