Error 721, VPN access

By himanshumogal143 ·
I have two problems with VPN access to the SBS.

1) I am running RAS on SBS with a netgear router. I have forwarded
the 1723 port on the router to the SBS. My Vista system connects well
from home and I can access all the shares. My XP system is not able to
establish the vpn connection (using a different ISP and a different
username on the SBS). It get to verifying the username and then it
sits there for a minute and comes up with an error " disconnected
Error 721:Remote computer did not respond. For further
assistance.. ..... " and then it redials the VPN connection. No events
are logged on the server or the XP system.
I am able to connect a local XP system using vpn and other XP
systems outside the network are able to establish a vpn connection. So
I can conclude that the RAS settings on the SBS and the ports on the
router are not a problem. Can someone help me find a resolution to
connect the XP to SBS.

2)The other problem is that user is able to VPN to the SBS(using
XP). He can also ping the SBS and other systems. Yesterday he was able
to access the shares using \\192.168.X. X as well as with the server
name so I assume that the DNS service is working fine. Even from my
Vista I am able to ping systems with their names. But the problem is
that when the user tries to open the share now he gets an error
saying that the network path was not found and is not able to access
the shares.

Any help for this will be appreciated.


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Error 721: Try taking the XP off and back on the domain

by Chris.Reynolds In reply to Error 721, VPN access

I had a problem here with one laptop always getting Error 721 when trying to connect in by VPN. The port and protocol on the firewall were set correctly, and other machines could VPN in. Eventually I thought of taking the machine off the domain and then adding it back on. That was what it needed. All machines here are running XP Pro, the servers have a mixture of Server 2000 and Server 2003.

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