Error 800 vpn connection

By bzibbo ·
I set up a vpn connection to remote to my desktop at work on both my wireless laptop and home desktop both with Windows XP Prof installed. The laptop and home desktop are on a shared network. I have a 2Wire DSL modem. I can vpn and remote desktop to work with my laptop, but receive the 800 error on home desktop. IP address has been checked and re-entered. Password checked. Firewall settings appear to be the same. Need advice on what to check next.
Thank you in advance for your expert advice.

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Is your router letting traffic through?

by w2ktechman In reply to Error 800 vpn connection

check the setup of the router/firewall

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Is your router letting traffic through

by bzibbo In reply to Is your router letting tr ...

According to the Management and Diagnostic Console for the 2Wire, associated outbound traffic through the firewall is checked.

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Are You...?

by rkuhn In reply to Error 800 vpn connection

Trying to VPN in to work with the laptop and the desktop at the same time? Or are you killing the connection of one before trying the other?

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Are You...?

by bzibbo In reply to Are You...?

The laptop is turned off while working on desktop.

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What VPN are you using

by asmith In reply to Error 800 vpn connection

What VPN client are you running? If it is a Cisco VPN then you might have a problem with the GUI being up and still runnig while you are trying to vpn from the other device.

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What VPN are you using?

by bzibbo In reply to What VPN are you using

Built in with Windows XP prof

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Identical problem

by pablon74 In reply to What VPN are you using?

I have the exact same problem under the same conditions, my laptop connects but my desktop does not. Only diference is that my router is a D-Link 610, other than that identical problem. Plz help!!

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Same problem for me

by jnn4v In reply to Identical problem

I am at a customer's office today, and when using their laptop, I can connect to their VPN, but when using mine, I cannot. Both are using the same network, and both are running XP. Mine gives Error 800.

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Tried netsh ?

by Chris.Reynolds In reply to Same problem for me

Open a command window and use "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt"
I have used this successfully on a couple of XP machines at work that used to connect OK via VPN, then suddenly stopped. An indicator for this is if the Error 800 message comes up very quickly after trying to connect

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Great answer

by adam.lavery In reply to Tried netsh ?

Thanks Chris, after two days of tearing my network apart to find out why one machine couldn't establish any VPN connections, this fixed it! Should add though that a reboot is required to pick up the changes.

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