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error at startup of win 98

By ljg ·
when I start up my computer (KMAD-6)with 333MH and 28mg of memmory I received this message(error starting program a required.DLL file PNGU3263 was not found. how do I fix this so it will stop repeating? at startup.

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Put location in your path statement

by skzlaw In reply to error at startup of win 9 ...

or simply reload your .DLL file..........
In addition, you need more memory to run 98 without a miriad of errors..........

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DLL ****

by glen_ross97 In reply to error at startup of win 9 ...

reading your message all i can think of is dll ****, have you recently uninstalled anything because if you have you might have when prompted ask the machine to delete any number of .dll files?
you see what happens is when you uninstall a program the uninstall shield normally asks you if you want to delete the dll's that was used by that program, but sometimes that same dll is used by something else and in your case probably the startup, if you haven't uninstalled any thing before the error occured then i would probably suggust a re-installation, because even if you find that same dll on another machine i speak under correction but i THINK that you require one that unique to your machine.
good luck
glen ross

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not unique..

by ARG CIO In reply to DLL HELL

dll are universal.. but you have to have the right version for error free performance. The other statements of more memory, are correct. if you can't find the .dll locally, search the web, there are dll libraries out on the web, that have a lot ofdll's and several versions. take the latest version, and work your way back, until you get error free performance.. good luck!

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regsvr32 ?

by In reply to error at startup of win 9 ...

Hi there,

If you still have the dll, you can try re-registering it. Type 'regsvr32/?' at a command prompt.
If you don't have the file, try looking for a reference to it in your startup files (startup.ini, autoexec etc) and remove it, or run 'msconfig' and have a look around for applications that are set to load at startup that you have removed.
I have also had this happen when using a second drive that takes a while to spin up - you got one?


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re-install Real Jukebox

by ARG CIO In reply to error at startup of win 9 ...

That is the application that uses that .dll, if you need you can contact me, and I'll email you just the .dll, but it should be in c:\program files\real\realjukebox directory, if it is, and it still can't see it, move it to the windows\system directory, or re-register it.

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Or, uninstall it....

by ARG CIO In reply to error at startup of win 9 ...

unistall RealJukebox, if you don't want it anymore..

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