Error Changing Administrator Password Windows SBServer 2003?

By skilltech ·
I receive this error when I try to change my password when logged on as Administrator to SBS2003 (through ctrl+alt+del):

1359: An internal Error has occurred. Please consult your system administrator.

I googled and found that I should have an error in my event log for:

Event 1126 Unable to establish connect with global catalog

But I couldn't find such an event...

In Active Directory, Group Policy, Forests, Domains, SBS Domain Password Policy - there is no min or max for the current password to expire. Would changing the max password age to 1 day prompt the password to be changed successfully, or would I just get locked out due to the error 1359?

What's the solution?

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use the resource kittools

by markp24 In reply to Error Changing Administra ...

check where your global catalogue is (what server its one) see if you can ping it from the server inquestion, if you can confirm there is not firewall rule preventing the system in question from talking to the GC. (easyway turn off or disable the firewall software, or bypass the firewall hardware)

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which tool?

by skilltech In reply to Error Changing Administra ...

i have downloaded the resource tool kit but am unsure which tool to use

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heres some info

by markp24 In reply to Error Changing Administra ...

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