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Error code 0000009c - any ideas?

By KrustyMonkey ·
Hi, I have a windows XP PC that is driving me crazy. I get system resets at various moments.

I thought at first that it was just when I was having a game of quake - however I have seen this now happen at other times such as using word, photoshop, explorer, just being idle etc etc.

Does anyone have any ideas at all how I can approach this? I'll tell you what I've done down....

This is the Event Log Text:
Error code 0000009c, parameter1 00000000, parameter2 8054d370, parameter3 c4044000, parameter4 00000136.

Now.....Windows suggests that this is a hardware or driver issue so I have run a full 24 hour check of my memory (during which time I think it happened again) - and got no memory issues reported.

I have also installed motherboard monitor to checkthe CPU temperatures - and have not observed anything in excess of 45C.

All drivers are up to date - every single one of them, motherboards, graphis cards etc etc

I have googled for this and have found various suggestions - Windows XP SP2, temperature overheats etc etc and have done my best to rule them out.

I can't afford to just start buying hardware to try to swap things out and the original supplier no longer exists.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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by willcomp In reply to Error code 0000009c - any ...

I assume you are experiencing random reboots. Such behavior is usually caused by one of the following:

1) power supply
2) faulty RAM
3) OS errors
4) Malware
5) Motherboard (not likely in your case)
6) Video adapter

Try running an intensive diagnostic like MemTest86 that runs in "DOS" mode from a boot disk. If PC reboots, can rule out OS/drivers/malware completely.

The most likely cause is power supply. If you have a gaming PC, install a quality 420 watt or larger power supply. Some quality brands are Antec, Enermax, PC Power and Cooling, CoolerMaster, and TTGI. Expect to pay $50.00 to $100.00 for a decent power supply.


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by warrendf In reply to

I too have started to have this identical problem. Reloaded Windows XP SP2...No difference. Many things I've read on the internet pointed towards possible memory failure. Ok, ran numerous memory tests and even replaced memory. Still same problem. I find it highly unlikely that it is anything else but Windows XP as being the problem because of so many people having the same problem with different hardware configurations. The one thing we all have in common is the OS - which keeps rebooting whenever it feels like it. Fixing problems by process of elimination can get costly.

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by DekeTheGeek In reply to Error code 0000009c - any ...

Also, another piece of hardware that can cause this is a faulty motherboard. There was rash of motherboards that went out with bad components, so I would check the manufacturer's site to see if there is a known issue with your board. I know that an Abit board I had demonstrated similar issues, due to faulty components. Also, if you have a bad PS, it can cause other pieces of hardware to develop their own problems. The memory test mentioned above is pretty good; I have used a bootable cd-rom of PC Doctor, which runs from the CD and tests most everything. Good Luck!

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by KrustyMonkey In reply to Error code 0000009c - any ...

I've scanned the memory, monitored the power supply, checked the CPU temperatures etc etc. This all looks OK. Any idea how I can tell which one of the remaining options it is?

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by daniel.farr In reply to Error code 0000009c - any ...

This very much sounds like the other guys have been suggesting a memory problem.

Seen as you have the error codes look the up on the Microsoft Technet site, they may be able to shed some light on this.

Have you removed all the memory and cleaned all the connectors with just an air spray, some dust could cause this.

Spray both the dimm slot and the actual memory itself.

This may help you out.

If not check your memory is compatible with your motherboard has a tool to tell you the best memory (ignore the fact it will tell you to buy crucial memory just look for what the best stoff is ie SDRAM DDR.

Hope this helps and you get your PC up and running again.

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possible fix

by bradpalmer10 In reply to Error code 0000009c - any ...

I had this problem and it drove me NUTS. I found my problem was related to my SATA raid being the boot drive. My BIOS didn't like the IDE drives plugged in with the SATA. I stopped BIOS searching for the IDE drives and the problem went away. Windows can still see the drives, My SATA raid runs like a dream and no more critical stop errors.

I don't know if this helps you out but it might give you some ideas

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This is a RAM problem...I guarantee it

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Error code 0000009c - any ...

The exact error message you get with the BSOD is indicative of bad RAM, because I've had it myself after I upgraded my PC's motherboard and RAM. I got 2 out of 4 bad Corsair 512MB modules, which were causing this same exact BSOD you are seeing. Try booting the PC with only 1 module and go through all modules to determine which one is causing the PC to crap out.

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by warrendf In reply to This is a RAM problem...I ...

After upgrading both the motherboard 'AND' RAM at the same time, how can you say it definitively was the RAM causing the problem? I'm having the same problem and upgrading only my RAM and still have the problem. So, therefore, is it my motherboard that is bad? I don't think so, really, considering this seems to be a common problem that many people are having all with different hardware configurations. The one thing they do have in common is XP.

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Happens also on server 2003

by callumitus In reply to

The one thing they do have in common is XP.

I was getting this error on a custom built Intel Xeon running SBS Server 2003.

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windows hot fix

by ld4dsrul In reply to Error code 0000009c - any ...

Microsoft has a hot fix for this problem, KB Article Number(s): 837432
they send a hyper link to you by email with a password to access it

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