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By kaposo2003 ·
my computer is randomly shutting down and then the message am getting is indicating a code as follows
BCcode:1000008e BCP1:C0000005 BCP2:8054BA39 BCP3:EFF0282C BCP4:0000000 OSVer:5_1_2600 SP:2.0 Product:256_1
I tried to load a freash copy of Xp but the competer shut down before i finished then i was able to finish loading the fresh copy of windows xp only to find out the problem is still there. Now I would like to Know wether its a hardwear problem or a softwear problem and help me with solution to the problem.

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by mmauer In reply to error code

Yes that does sound like a hardware problem. I could be two things, one the RAM sticks are faulty, seconded it could be the main-board being faulty.

How to know which issue you have? easy, get mem-tester a program to test ram.
You can download a Mem tester iso and burn it to cd. Then you will be able to boot straight from the cd.

And for the main board you will have to look for any capacitors leaking or bubbling.

I have not read the article, the only reason is to show you the images of capacitors.

good luck

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Possible issues and solutions

by mmaguru In reply to error code

I'd say it's hardware related. Besides the RAM and motherboard, if you have another computer you can check this disk with, slave the HDD you are having troubles with and check for bad sectors or possible SMART errors. Your bios should warn for SMART errors, but not every time. The error seems somewhat random, or I've never heard of it before. Solution: Get a new HDD. BTW, I think if it were the RAM, that would explain the early shut downs. But, the motherboard issue, I'm not sure you'd have got the software installed at all myself.

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