Error copying files

By yankeedoodles ·
Recently, my hard disk is giving me problems and hence to prevent any damage or data loss, I have tried to copy all my files to an alternative hard disk.
I used the xcopy /h /e d:
However, halfway thru i got some access violation error.
Then I tried using the windows copy and paste. All I want to do is copy the entire hard disk to my other hard disk, but i get this error "There has been a sharing violation. The source or destination files may be in use." or something like that.

Can someone please help me by telling me how to copy an entire hard-disk.

thank you

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Copy Hard Disk

by davdun75 In reply to Error copying files

Sounds like you are trying to copy system files while they are being used to copy files to the new hard drive... To copy hard disk ENTIRELY, use a HD cloning program [to preserve operating system files - you would then remove the failing HD and boot from the new HD (make sure jumpers are set if needed)]; or use a partition manager to copy the boot partition of a failing drive to a new drive, check jumper settings and boot from new drive. More simply, copy all DATA you want to keep (contents of My Documents, other pictures, emails, videos etc.) to a CD or DVD, install a new hard drive and start with a fresh install of Windows.

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use manufacturers utilities such as Western Digital or Seagate

by sgt_shultz In reply to Error copying files

try the Western Digital website and read about 'installing a new hard drive' the utility software may be usable with your drives. worth a try.
meanwhile, perhaps your xcopy would complete with the 'c' switch (continue past errors)
i use these switches when doing what you are doing: xcopy /c /h /e /k /r /f

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Error copying files

by ghbaginski In reply to Error copying files

use xcopy c: d: /s /e /h

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