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Error CRC1 in IBM Laptops

By rkndegwa ·

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Three methods to try out for the cure. Try the first two. :)

Method 1.

Have you tried, as soon as the power is switched on, go to safe mode to see if you can find a driver or hardware issue??. At start up keep pressing "F8" repeatedly till "Safe mode" appears. Check all the drivers you've got and see if there's a conflict or a resources fault, as windows will tell you if everything is working right as you check everything separately. If it wont go that far then you have a fatal error and may need to redo the hard drive by formatting and reinstalling the Operating System. It sounds like maybe a F.A.T format is not correct.

Method 2.

System shows CRC error. means you have problem in cd rom or cd drive. Solution: Get another CD/DVD drive to test out.

Method 3. (Last case scenario).

Think it has something to do with your BIOS-EEPROM, which, in the worst case, needs to be flashed over serial bus!

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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