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    Error ID: 5010 (00001392)


    by shawnyongfc ·


    I am having an active/active cluster setup and have install and setup SAPSprint as Generic Service on different group. (SAPSprintA & SAPSprintB).

    1) when i do fail over or move the group to another node SAPSprint fail over with no issus.

    but when i power cycle both server at the same time.

    An error prompt when launch the Cluster Admin:
    An error occured attempting to read properties for the ‘SAPSprintA’ resource.
    The object already exists.
    Error ID: 5010 (00001392)
    Do you want to ignore this error and continue
    [yes] [yes to all] [no] …

    and this happen everytime only to the same server where the resource reside on, ‘SAPSprintB’ resource on the other server always remain online.

    Please provide advice on the matter,,,,,i am desparately waiting for a solution

    Thanks in advance….

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