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Error in e-mail with Outlook 2003

By dunneman ·
I am the administrator on a small (<10) network with an Exchange 2000 server and users using Outlook 2003. A particular user was able to successfully send and receive mail on her POP3 account until last week, when my boss noticed that she was not receiving his messages. When clicking the send/receive button, nothing at all would happen. I checked the web interface on the mail server, and her account was receiving the messages. I then checked her account settings in Outlook, and they were correct, but when I clicked on "Test account settings", it said it was able to find the SMTP and POP3 mail server, but then gave the error that it could not connect to them, asking to verify port and SSL settings. The port settings were correct (110 and 25). I deleted the account, and created it from scratch, and got the same error. I created the same account on a different computer on the same LAN segment, and was able to successfully send and receive mail from this account. I suspect that something in Outlook on this computer is corrupted, but I do not know what file(s) is corrupted, or how to repair the damage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by ippirate In reply to Error in e-mail with Outl ...

Check her pst size. I have had a couple of similar problems and this was the root in both.

If not, second, what O/S? If Windows XP is automatic updates active? What are the recent updates? You may want to attempt a roll back to a period that you know it worked. If restoring the O/S fixes the problem then review each of the available updates, one at a time to determine culprit.

Third, has there been any recent software changes?

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by ippirate In reply to

2k has no roll back feature besides drivers.

The only other thing I can suggest is attempt a detect and repair on Outlook.

Other than that, there is something that I'm not getting. What is the exact message? Have you run that through TechNet? Can she get any mail at all? Can you ping the E-server? Can you telnet to it/ports?

I guess that if push comes to shove, kill outlook and reload it, backing up the .pst first.

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by dunneman In reply to

Thanks for the assistance. A detect and repair did not fix the problem, but an uninstall/reinstall of Microsoft Office 2003 did.

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by dunneman In reply to Error in e-mail with Outl ...

It's Windows 2000. Automatic updates is active, but as the user is not currently local administrator, I suspect automatic updates are not being performed. Is there a rollback feature under windows 2000? The PST file is only 268KB.

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by dunneman In reply to Error in e-mail with Outl ...

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