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Error in Event Viewer

By maddiuex ·
I have an event that is starting to annoy me. Have all update, security patches and reloaded the dll. He is the event.
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Perflib
Event Category: None
Event I 1010
Date: 2/28/2004
Time: 11:30:09 AM
User: N/A
Computer: NTLAW
The Collect Procedure for the "NTFSDRV" service in DLL
"C:\WINNT\system32\snprfdll.DLL" generated an exception
or returned an invalid status. Performance data returned
by counter DLL will be not be returned in Perf Data Block.
Exception or status code returned is data DWORD 0.
0000: 3d 01 00 00


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Error in Event Viewer suggests for this event id that you a couple things.
change performantance monitor service startup to 'automatic'
unregistering and reregistering the dll with regsvr32
on person said was known issue with compaqs and other hardware where they installed their own performaance monitor and it cause errros until ununstalled. here is some more from
Per Microsoft: ?This behavior may occur if you use certain types of network adapters. The network adapter driver may return description strings to the CollectTcpIpPerformanceData function that do not contain null terminators. The sprintf function copies the description strings to a local variable. However, the sprintf function does not check to make sure that the strings are not too large for the local variable to hold. As a result, a buffer overflow may occur. Because the buffer is stored on the stack, the stack becomes corrupted. This corruption causes an access violation.? See Q819716.

From a newsgroup post: "Try the following steps to resolve the Event ID 1010 errors:
1. Use Regedt32 to add the EventLogLevel value with a Reg_Dword value of 0 to the following value to the registry: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\PerfLib\"
2. Use the SBS Administrator Console to open the computer Management snap-in, or right click My Computer and select Manage.
3. Expand out the list under Services and Applications.
4. Right click the WMI Control, and select Properties.
5. Choose the Logging tab and set the Logging level to Disabled, then click OK to close the WMI Properties.
6. Select Services, right click the Windows Management Instrumentation service, and then restart the service".

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

Troubleshooting this type of problems is not an easy tasks. For a general approach see Q152513 - "Troubleshooting Performance Monitor Counter Problems".

In the case of corrupted dll you can manually rebuild Performance Counter Library values. See Q152513, Q275659 and Q300956.

Article Q226494 describes how to control the error checking and reporting by registry settings and list the possible event information. This is useful for testing and validating a Performance Monitor Extension. This is also helpful to diagnose problems with performance monitor extensions that are installed as part of a vendor's server application or device driver.

"PerfDisk", DLL name: "perfdisk.dll" - In the case of remote disk monitoring, both physical and logical, an administrator account is needed. Without administrator rights on the target machine, the counters for physical or logical disks will not appear. Administrator rights to access two files (PERFC009.DAT and PERFH009.DAT) is also required for disk monitoring.

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by maddiuex In reply to

Thanks the 273177 article did it.

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by maddiuex In reply to Error in Event Viewer

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