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Error in IE6

By npgurung ·
My wife has started a computing course online. It required Macromedia flash,Shock and Authorewares to be insalled. However, everytime she tries to access her lesson she is greeted by this error message in IE: Line 319; Char 2; Error Object required; Code 0; URL http\\
I use Win XP on my machine and now use IE6 as my default browser. However, I had Firefox before. What is the problem and how do I get rid of it?

Thanks in advance


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Error in IE6


It sounds very much like one of the required Plug Ins for IE6 isn't working properly. The Macromedia Flash & Shock are very well known and I've yet to run into any problems with then but I've never heard of the Authorewares Plug In which could be the problem.

If it is a Macromedia Product I would contact Macromedia for a possible solution as they may have changed the application to comply with a recent IE Security Patch which has disabled the Plug In.

You can also always contact the education institution and see if they have any Known Bugs with the required Plug Ins for IE as they would have the best idea if they are a reputable organisation.

But you may find that you are constantly pushed from one company to another with each blaming the other for the problem I had this recently with a Specialised Program where two different Divisions of the same company where blaming the other for the problem that I was experiencing. It only took 16 hours of wasted time and questions like Can you install a file to a different Location from it's default but at least in the beginning I could understand this as the person was unsure of just how experienced I was.

If you have any problems I've always found it quicker to ring up the company involved and speak to the Manager and demand a fix in a polite tone, They will then give you a much better service.

Just as an after thought have you installed the .Net Framework as that may be required.


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