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Error in Internet Explorer

By glendapotter ·
I have been receiving an error on internet explorer for quite a while. When I get the error I get teh yellow triangle on the bottom of my page but I only get it on my email pages. When I have it I cannot delete my email by clicking empty or anything I have to open each one and manually delete. I have been able to fix teh error by repairing explorer but that stopped working. Then I downloaded ccleaner and ran it and it would get rid of the error. But now nothing is working and it is getting pretty bothersome since my junkmail will not delete itself in 24 hours either and I have to open them all to delete. Does anyone know of anyway I could fix this?? Any help is greatly appreciated

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Error in Internet Explore ...

If you have been getting your E-Mail through IE it isn't being scanned for Viruses and the like so the most likely thing is you've picked up an infection of some kind. So if you don't already have an AV product installed install one make sure that it is up to date with the latests updates available and then run it on your computer to clean it up.

If you don't have a current AV product there is a trial version available from Zondex at

I'm currently using this on my LT and it is one of the better ones as it doesn't constantly need updating but if you already have one scan the system to make sure that there are no infections and then run Spyware Removal apps to remove any spyware as well.

The two most commonly used ones are Ad aware and Spy bot available here.

You may need to Boot into Safe Mode to scan the system and if you have a Norton's CD I would be using that from the Boot option as an initial scan that way nothing gets loaded into Memory or anything else so it should be easy to remove.


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by glendapotter In reply to Error in Internet Explore ...

I have anti virus, zone alarm firewall, and adaware installed and have ran them all and came up clean. I emailed MSN and they don't seem to know what it is either. My sister and sister-in-law are having the same problem. When i double click on teh error triangle i get
Line 24
Char 1
Error object expected and then another says
Line 172
Char 1
error 'tagname is Null or not an object

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by ba_ss In reply to Error in Internet Explore ...

It appears that your problem could be half, and half. First half could with the browser you're running. It appears that scripts on that page are calling for an object that your browser either don't have, or your browser don't support.
This could be due to a file having become corrupt or your hard disc having become fragmented. Second half is due to scripts being ran on the server. The code seems to be calling for a control, or control strip that cannot be referenced or found. Now this could be due to an msn browser versioning mixmatch. In either case after being sure no virus exists ; Then run windows update from within IE/Tools menu. Follow the suggested options here , and hopefully this gets you back to error free browsing.

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by WomanIam In reply to Error in Internet Explore ...

I too, am having the same errors when I access Hotmail. The errors pop up for me when I mouse over the tabs.

Oddly enough this only happens on my work computer and not on my home one.

Is there any way that Microsoft could be aware of what files are missing or corrupted?

I know that full firewalls, antivirus, etc are in place on my work computer.

If multiple people are experiencing this error then Microsoft should be aware of it.

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I am getting Mapfilememmory createFileMapping90 Failed

by deepumonk In reply to Error in Internet Explore ...


anyone knowes this issue..please adivise me i am getting the aboive mentioned issue when i am opening my browser especially IE

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