Error Installation of Service pack

By Zion880818 ·
Currently i having a Windows XP Pro, lets name as PC_A (just reformatted), cuz of company firewall issue, i cant update from internet using that particular PC, then i download Windows service Pack manually, the service pack work smoothly with other PCs, but when i try to install to PC_A, it prompt out an error
"File is corrupt", i thought was the installer problem, but when i use back the same installer to other PC, is work, now i just wonder what will cause the error prompt out

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Windows Installer Service

by Bizzo In reply to Error Installation of Ser ...

You windows installer service may be corrupt. Look in the event logs to see if you get any other messages when you try to install. Or you can just reinstall the installer service (msiexec) from microsoft.

Here's a link to version 4.5 redistributable:

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Same issue

by Zion880818 In reply to Windows Installer Service

I have trial it, but during extraction of window installer installation, it prompt the same error "File is corrupt" when i look through event log, i found it having acpi error "AMLI: ACPI BIOS is attemptingto write to an illegal IO port address,90x4d1), which lies in the 0x4d1 - 0x4d1 protected address range. This could lead to system instability. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance" i not sure is that the main cause, so any idea for this case?

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the error is not related

by BizIntelligence In reply to Same issue

to the service install problem. At least Microsoft believe that.. :-)

Did you make any hardware change?
You can try setting BIOS to default or updating BIOS.

For service pack problem you must download SP3 from Microsoft download centre.

Cheers !

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No Hardware change

by Zion880818 In reply to the error is not related

For the service pack, i downloaded from Microsoft download centre, was service pack 3, and it work to others PC, i just do normal backup/format/reinstall for PC_A, and i found that during windows installation it having some issue cant detect certain file, when i restart PC and test it again, it running smoothly till finish, i have trial to set BIOS to default setting, and download BIOS file from following link
I'm using PA61 motherboard(phase out already) then i install follow instruction for flashing BIOS, but when i click on the application(WinFlash.exe) nothing happend, so is that i download wrong BIOS driver?

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What is current

by BizIntelligence In reply to No Hardware change

Service Pack?

If it is SP1 then update it to SP2 and later try SP3.

Also, if you possible go to event viewer straight after install failure then see for corresponding system or application events.

Please windows update log file as well in C:\windows\WindowsUpdate.Log

Delete all temp files in c:\temp and c:\windows\temp. Please do this at your own risk.

Also, when SP3 is unpacking files then please note down the name and location of folder. After it fails, delete that folder. If you fail to delete then delete in safe mode or command prompt.

Good Luck !

Cheers !

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Service Pack

by Mehul Bhai In reply to What is current

For SP3 to be installed SP1 or SP2 is mandatory. But You can install SP3 directly from after SP1 and need not install SP2 first as SP3 is a cummulative update. Refer

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Just how did you go about downloading the service pack?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Error Installation of Ser ...

If you did not download the 'network installation' version of the service pack, you may have inadvertently downloaded the wrong file for the specific computer you want to install it on (i.e. you've downloaded a version that would work with the computer you used to download it with).

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Is from Microsoft download centre

by Zion880818 In reply to Just how did you go about ...

I not sure is that the version, is that possible provide a link for me to check the size for the service pack 3 u mention, thanks alot

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