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Error Installing AutoUpdates WinXP SP2

By sscgdl ·
I get an Error "Updates were unable to successfully installed" when my Computer with Win XP SP2 try to install an AutoUpdate. I try to close al open windows and doing Update Manually but always have the same result. Whats going on ?

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by Absolutely In reply to Error Installing AutoUpda ...

Are you using a pirated copy of Windows?

If not, open Internet Options, hit the Security tab, and add to your Trusted Sites list all the URL's used by Windows Update, up to the .com. You might also need to allow Trusted Sites more access to run ActiveX, and make similar changes in the Privacy tab.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Error Installing AutoUpda ...

If you have a known Legal copy of Windows XP then the most likely problem is Hardware related. First download a HDD checking utility from the web site of the HDD maker that supplied the HDD in your computer and test the Drive. If it passes then you are most likely experiencing a Memory problem where the RAM has either gone bad or is experiencing Timing problems with the M'Board. This most often happens when it is overclocked to a faster rate that it was made for.

If both of those pass the testing process you will then be looking at a CPU or M'Board the CPU only being a likely culprit if it has been overclocked to perform faster than it was designer to perform and the M'Board if the computer lives in a Hot place or where it is very Humid.

Also if you only have 128 Meg of RAM and an on-board video you are suffering from not enough RAM which will prevent the bigger installs to actually be applied things like the >Net Service Pack and some of the latter patches are very common for doing this on an underpowered computer. If it is the latter just increasing the available RAM will cure the problem but you will have to use the same speed RAM as what is already in the computer and preferably the same brand as well so there are no incompatibility issues that arise.


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by wcp In reply to Error Installing AutoUpda ...

Typically you should get an error code 0x800xxxx on the upper right hand corner and go to MS Knowledge Base to see if there?s a solution.

If not,
1. Do System Restore
2. Reinstall IE
3. Reinstall Windows (Repair installation or in-place upgrade) over the current one.
4. If all above fail, back up your data and clean install Windows.

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by wcp In reply to

Before trying the above, make sure you have the Administrator right.
To test this, login as the Administrator or an account with Administrative right, and do update.
If successful, check your account status. Keep yours as Administrator and remove all others.

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by wcp In reply to

Also refer to You may receive an error message when you search for available updates on the Windows Update Web site or on the Microsoft Update Web site

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