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    Error “Limited Virtual Memory”


    by akhtar_syd ·

    Hi !!

    I have one IBM Netvista PC at my office.
    O/S. installed => Windows 2000 Prof.
    RAM => 256 MB

    Whenever i tried to login to PC either with Administrator or user.

    Problem:I get a Error message
    ” Limited Virutal Memory: Your System has no paging file (or) the paging file is too small. ”

    Setted Pagefile min. to 384 MB Max. 512MB on both C-drive and D-Drive [2-Partitions]. After setting when i restart the PC, it again prompts me the same memory error. Then when i see at Pagefile settings it shows only 20MB pagefile setted.
    I tried by installing the SP4, Also checked the admin rights, even deleted pagefile of both partitions and reseted again.

    Problem remains the same.
    But, when i see the size of pagefile.sys file, it shows me 384MB size properly.

    Note: This problem is occured on 2-Similar conf. PCs. There are other PCs too but that not having problem.

    I would like to know the solution for the same.

    Kindly help me out.

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      Just out of curiosity

      by chris.. ·

      In reply to Error “Limited Virtual Memory”

      Run a DXDiag and look at the first page. That will show you what the registry thinks it has assigned for a pagefile.

      I’m thinking you have a bad load of the OS actually. If you’re imaging the system you need to reexamine your image and I’d just rebuild it.

      But check that DXDiag on the machines having the issue. Sounds to me like the Registry is getting or is corrupted.

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      Too funny!

      by jennifer.gardner ·

      In reply to Error “Limited Virtual Memory”

      I JUST dealt with this same problem this afternoon! My problem resulted from me changing the drive letters. Apparently, Win2K gets irked if the current drives don’t match what it remembers. Quick and easy fix: Boot with Win95 boot disk and run fdisk /mbr. This rewrites the Master Boot Record. Ta Da!

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