Error Loading Kernel

By kmeyne09 ·
You must reinstall windows.
What is the cause of this message and do I indeed need to reinstall windows?

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The cause? The OS is corrupted.

by seanferd In reply to Error Loading Kernel

How did it become corrupted? How should we know?

Yes, you must reinstall. A non-destructive repair install should work.

If there is an error number or other further information, look it up to see if anything more specific about the corruption is available. This will not likely help you, but may satisfy your curiosity.

If the problem persists or reappears after reinstalling, there may be a hardware problem, likely with RAM or the drive.

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Here's a thought.

How about restoring from a recent backup. Oh, wait! No one does that anymore, do they?

I never did either until my WinSe7en primary machine recently decided to end it all and shuffle off its immortal coil and blew its proverbial brains out, leaving me with an empty painful hollowness where the internet should have been, for at least a day.

Ever since, I have dusted out my trusty DVD-RW discs that I hadn't used in a while and once a week, I now perform a backup of essential systems (protected with a 20 character ASCII password, of course, and stored in my undies drawer, no less).

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Some may call you crazy,

by seanferd In reply to Here's a thought.

but you may call them lazy in return.

Backups? Sheer lunacy!

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by kmeyne09 In reply to The cause? The OS is corr ...

I will try the reinstall without formatting and see if that works.

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Make sure you do a Repair install.

by seanferd In reply to Thanks

Or you will have two installations of Windows, drive space permitting.

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