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By abbytheboston ·
Using Windows XP Home Version 5.1, Service Pack 1 on an HP computer with 1GB RAM and 120GB hard drive = two years old. Only thing I've changed on the computer recently was changing the power settings in the Display Properties window. Tonight I awoke the PC by hitting the enter button and a full window blue screen appeared with the error message "Windows has shut down in order to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you see this messaage...." and the screen quickly disappeared and the computer rebooted. All seems fine for now. Can't find info on Microsoft's website. Does anyone know what I need to know about this problem (but am almost afraid to find out?)

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by Balbir In reply to Error Message

I have come across this problem before. It was caused by the graphics card driver. Look on the manufacturers website for an updated driver.
Sometimes an error code is generated and asks you if you want to send to Microsoft. You may get an automated response from MS if the problem is known.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Error Message

?With its rock-solid foundation and ground-breaking new features, Windows XP Professional won?t quit working, even when your workday is done.? ? Microsoft

Gotta love it! Promises promises!

Sounds like a screensaver probably tried to kick in or the graphics driver became an issue when the power settings were changed.

XP is really sensitive to changes in the hardware settings, it is likely that it will go away after a reboot.

Which settings did you change?
DO you have CD rewriter software installed, some burner software will cause the computer to not standby properly.

I wouldn't say it's a critical error as it would have rebooted when it crashed (which XP does by defult), that's why when it shut down iand simply restarted.

Windows is simply riddled with such issues, the slightest change will bring them on and then SOMETIMES they willjust disappear after the computer is rebooted.

If it does it again, or shows an error code, post back with more details as to what you changed and if you have CD buner etc. installed.

Sorry to ramble, just thinking out loud (or in type).

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Error Message


I have also had the same problem. I changed the time after which my monitor should turn off from 10 to 30mins. Later, I had the blue screen. I also received a similar message after upgrading my graphics card. However, I have found in general that rebooting clears the issue, and have not been plagued by these for quite a while.

Just keep a note of when you see a blue screen and a diary of when you install new applications, change system settings etc and it will help any troubleshooting if the problem becomes serious.

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by Black Panther In reply to Error Message

I have found far less problems not using the Power Save options - especially hard drive.
I turn the power off manually to the monitor when not in use for a while and turn it on when needed. How much power are we really saving and is it doing more damage than leaving it on!

If it works fine if it doesn't turn it off - or at least one option at a time - start with the hard drive feature.

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by RCOM In reply to Error Message

Disable automatic shutdown that way the PC won't reboot and you can see the rest of the message that has the error code. Go to the system icon in control panel and select the advanced tab. Click on startup & recovery and uncheck the box that says auto-reboot. At least that way the system won't reboot. As mentioned when the PC came out of sleep mode it probably didn't respond fast enough or something like that. This could be caused by drivers. If you set the hard drive to never turn off that may eliminante the problem.

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